• Door Knocking: A battle of will-power

      By: Rica Ruiz

      Whenever people find out that I knock on doors for my business the immediate response is, “Ohmygoodness, I could never do that!” Truth be told, neither did I.

      All of my years in real estate I was told that in order to be successful I would have to lead generate … EVERY DAY!

      I always thought that was some great advice … for someone else. I admired an agent in my office who was hugely successful and the majority of her business came from referrals. Naturally, I thought that is how my business would turn out. I thought if I stayed in it long enough, the referrals would come. Well, they did come. They just didn’t come at the frequency and volume that I had expected. I was at a crossroad. Would I, finally, humble myself and begin to proactively lead generate every day?

      I decided to start knocking on doors. The reality of it, for me, was daunting. The amount of personal growth I have experienced through this process was more than I could have ever imagined!

      For the first few months I, literally, felt sick to my stomach. Every day was a battle of my will and a battle of my mind. Like many of you, I thought people wouldn’t want to hear from me. That I was just a bother to them. That they would just slam the door in my face. Little by little I fought my negative self-talk and have replaced it with positive, encouraging self-talk.

      I knock on doors to bring valuable information to homeowners in my community. Every month I knock on 1,000 doors for a total of 2,000 doors over a 2 month period.

      Here’s what I’ve learned:

      1. People, for the most part, long to have human interaction. In a world full of instant, impersonal technology, people still love to have a live face to face, eye to eye, contact and communication with others.
      2. There are some people who would rather not be bothered and, that’s okay! I only want to talk with people who want to talk with me.
      3. The community I’ve longed to have I have actually created through door knocking. I know so many people in my city and many have confided in me and shared their joys and sorrows with me.
      4. Meeting my neighbors has been a joy and helping them meet their needs beyond anything real estate related has been an incredible blessing.
      5. I sincerely want to help people. Not just with buying, selling or investing in real estate. I simply have a heart to help others. Knocking on doors allows me to do just that!
      6. I feel like I have found favor in my community and, overall, the people of Foster City are kind and generous towards me.
      7. Lastly, I have learned that when you ask God to increase your business, He doesn’t always just magically give you business. He puts you in situations to help you grow personally which, as a result, grows your business. Door knocking has helped me grow (and be brave) and, in the end, the experience has turned out to bless me beyond my wildest dreams.

      Today, I look forward to knocking on doors and I can’t wait to visit my neighbors across the city and bless them! We also plan to expand to another 1,000 homes. So, if you hear the doorbell ring or a knock on your door please, do me a favor and be kind to the person on the other side. It just might be me! 🙂