• School API Scores: A Thing of the Past

      Did you know?

      API (academic performance index) scores stopped being used in 2013. Any API score you see published right now is based on 2013 or earlier data. The State Board of Education approved a new system of accountability for California schools this past September. It will roll out this spring!

      “The new system provides multiple ongoing measures of school performance instead of the single, one-item snapshot from the prior system. The specific display of the performance system is not final. Staff will work with parents, teachers, and members of the public to ensure it is easy to understand, similar to a report card. The Web-based system will be available in early 2017.” 1

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      Ainsworth, Bill. “State Board of Education Approves New Groundbreaking School Accountability System.” California Department of Education News Release, n.p. 8 Sep 2016. Web. 20Feb.2017.